Proceedings of the 9th Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) - CBFP Bujumbura: 26-27 May 2011

Please download all the presentations, program, official statements and general documents related to the 9th meeting of the CBFP Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) in Bujumbura (26-27 May 2011). Please note that most of the presentations during the meeting have been issued in French.

9th Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) Regional Advisory Committee - major conclusions

Opening Address

Session 1 - CBFP Facilitation Roadmap: From Kinshasa to Bujumbura

Facilitation : SE COMIFAC

Session 2 - Towards an active synergy among COMIFAC TG and within the CEFDHAC in the Implementation of the Convergence Plan

Cyril Loisel (France)

Session 3 - Emerging and innovative results achieved by partners supporting the implementation of the Facilitation Convergence Plan and Roadmap orientations: From Kinshasa to Bujumbura

Facilitation: Ellen Shaw (USA)

Session 4 - Sustainability of Contributions and Institutional Reforms in Central Africa

Facilitation: Hans Schipulle (Allemagne)

Session 5 - COMIFAC – Type 1 Inter-State Partnership: Between political commitment and effectiveness?

Facilitation : Jean Marie Noiraud

Session 6 - Strategic Reflections and Prospects on COMIFAC, CBFP, CEFDHAC and COMIFAC WGs.

Next Meetings

Facilitation : Cléto

Point sur le Sommet des trois Bassins (Congo) et Commémoration de la Déclaration de Yaoundé -Yaoundé + 10 (SE COMIFAC)