Important Notices

1 – Conformity

Access to and/or any research carried out on the CBFP website, and/or any use of it and/or download of part of its content by a user entails respect for the conditions of use of the CBFP website by the user, as defined in the following sections.


2 – Subject of the Website

All information contained on the CBFP website, and more generally any elements including software, data, texts, graphics, images, sounds, logos, symbols, html codes hereunder called the « Content », is made available to the user for reference only. It can in no way be construed as a commercial offer, a licence, an advice, a professional relationship between the user and the CBFP Facilitation. The content provided on this website does not exempt the user from checking the provided information for themselves.

It is noted that the Content provided on this website may refer to links which are not available.


3 – Hyperlinks to Other Websites

The CBFP does not control the content of third party sites and hyperlinks provided to users for convenience purpose. The existence of a hyperlink between the CBFP website and a third party site does not imply that the CBFP gives any guarantee or takes responsibility for its content or any likely use of it.

Users of the CBFP website are not allowed, without the prior and written consent of the CBFP Facilitation, to create on any other website, hyperlinks, including deep linking, to a page of the CBFP website and to combine it with framing or any other similar technique making it possible to refer directly to secondary pages on the CBFP website without going through its homepage.


4 – Intellectual Property

The CBFP website is protected by intellectual property rights and is the exclusive property of its Facilitation. The Content of this site is protected by intellectual property rights and remains the property of CBFP Facilitation or a third party.

The user may not use the Content of the site for any purpose other than personal and non commercial needs. Any other use or modification of the Content of the CBFP website is prohibited without the written prior consent of CBFP Facilitation.


5 – Guarantees and Responsibilities

It is the user’s duty to take the required measures to ensure that there is no virus on the visited website.

The Content of the CBFP website – including downloadable software, is provided « as it is », without any express or implied guarantee other than that provided for by applicable laws, and especially without any guarantee that the Content meets the user’s needs or is up todate.

Although the CBFP endeavours to provide a reliable Content on its website, it does not guarantee that its website is void of any inaccuracies, typographic mistakes, omissions and/or viruses. CBFP Facilitation reserves the right to carry out at anytime and without any notice improvements and/or changes in the Content of its website.

The CBFP does not warrant the good performance of any software available on its website. The user is solely responsible for any use of information contained on this site.

The CBFP shall not be responsible for any consequential damage resulting from the use of this website or other related websites, including but not limited to, any financial or commercial loss, loss of programme or data in the user's information system or other, even if the CBFP is aware of the possibility of such damage.


6 – Personal Data and Cookies

The CBFP may require some information such as the user’s name, professional address, email address to allow them access some services provided on the site.

Information collected voluntarily about you is indispensable to meet your information requests and send the CBFP Newsletter (electronic newsletter) to you. They are exclusively addressed to CBFP Facilitation. Such information is confidential and kept by the CBFP. The user has the right to access and modify their personal data as well a right to refuse that such data be handled by contacting the webmaster (

As far as the CBFP Newsletter is concerned, you may terminate your subscription at anytime by writing to


7 - Cookies

The CBFP website is not void of cookies. These cookies are intended to seek the interest of users with regard to some topics. A cookie is a data element which the CBFP website can send to the search engine used by the user and which may be archived in the user’s system. These cookies are used to assist the user in the search of appropriate information and to adapt it to their specific need.

The user is free to refuse these cookies by setting their system appropriately; however by so doing, the user may not have access to some of the pages of the CBFP website.

If you have any question or request concerning our privacy policy, please contact the webmaster at the following email address:


8 – Notice to Users

The CBFP is not obliged to control any information the user may disclose on its website. Thus, the user warrants that any information, Element (the word "Element" refers to any project, file or any other attachements sent) or commentaries other than personal data which the user may send to the CBFP through its website, does not infringe any third party intellectual property right or any other applicable laws. Such information, or Elements or commentaries, shall be handled as non confidential and non proprietary. Thus, by submitting any information, Element or commentary, the user grantsthe CBFP all necessary unlimited and irrevocable rights, to use, excute, show, modify and to transfer such information, Elements or commentaries, including any suggestion, concept or know-how. The CBFP reserves the right to use such information, Elements or commentaries in any way it chooses to.



9 – Changes in Conditions of Use

The CBFP reserves the right to change these Conditions of Use of its website at any time and without notice. Users shall be automatically bound by such changes as they browse the website and must read the Conditions of Use periodically.


10 – Use and Duplication of Data from the Website

The CBFP authorises the duplication of any information appearing on the website for the purpose of carrying out private study or research, make a review or a report, provided that the source is identified, and authorises any holder of copyrights on a work to allow its reproduction.

Information is disseminated on this site so that it can be aesily available for personal or public and non commercial use. Any information for which the CBFP holds copyright, or is authorised to grant such permission, may be partially or entirely duplicated, by any means, free of charge and without any permission from the CBFP. We only require that:

  • the user show reasonable diligence by ensuring the accuracy of duplicated documents;
  • the CBFP be identified as the source of information;
  • duplicated information should not be presented as an official version of the copied documents, neither as a duplication made in collaboration with the CBFP or its partners.